About Couponkudos.com

Why Couponkudos.com?

Couponkudos.com is India's best Cashback and coupons website. It helps you save on all your regular purchases across 100+ shopping websites. Earning Cashback is simple, just log in to Couponkudos, search for your favorite retailer, click on a deal you like & shop normally at the retailer's site.

Our customer support team is available and We guarantee instant response time.

You can simply go to the Support section of your Couponkudos account and create your query and it will be responded as soon as possible.

Doubt on Payment

Only Confirmed Cashback can be paid.When the payment status is been updated as 'Confirmed' by the retailers till then Pending Cashback cannot be paid .

When you have earned a minimum of Rs.250 as Confirmed Cashback, we can pay the money to your (Indian) Bank Account via PayPal And NEFT (for free).

According on your bank, this cashback payment should reach your account within 3-5 business days via NEFT.

When you have earned a minimum of Rs.250 as Confirmed Cashback, we can pay the money to your (Indian) Bank Account via PayPal and NEFT (for free).

To request payment, login to your Couponkudos account. Under 'My Account' on the top right corner of the navigation bar, click on 'Withdraw Money'.You can fill in proper details of the Bank Account here so that we can pay your Cashback.

Please note that the Cashback with 'Confirmed Cashback' status can be paid to you. The Cashback status remains in 'Pending Status' Until we receive payment from retailers till then we cannot pay you.

Account Settings

To change your password, log in to your Couponkudos Account. On the right top corner just next to the search bar you will see the "My Account" icon, click on it.

Next click on "Settings", then select "Change Password".Now you can change your password and then click "Change Password", You will get an alert message for password change.

Unfortunately Not! Your account registered e-mail address is permanent and it also acts as a unique identity for your account.

You can update your Couponkudos Profile by simply going to Settings under your "Name box" in the top-right corner after you login to your Couponkudos account.

Absolutely Yes! Couponkudos provides the option of newsletter to keep updated to the cashback promotions.

Click History section shows all the retailers you have visited on Couponkudos.com in the last 30 days with each click having a Unique Reference ID.

Payment History section shows your actual purchases at the retailer's website along with the Cashback amount.

We know how often that happens. Simply click on the 'Forgot password' link on the Login page and we will send you an e-mail to reset your password.

Payment History section shows your actual purchases at the retailer's website along with the Cashback amount.

Cashback Facts

Your Cashback status remains pending until the return time of the retailer is over which may be get extended up to 20 days. When the return time is over, the retailer is informed by mail for their commission which we provide you as Cashback.

We get paid by the retailer in the next month's payment cycle, and once we get the commission paid from the retailer, we confirm your pending cashback to confirmed cashback immediately. This process may take anywhere between 2-4 weeks.

You can avail Cashback savings from every retailer listed on Couponkudos as many times as you want.

We allow you to earn cashback on any purchases from our partner retailers. To get qualified for Couponkudos cashback, the retailer must Confirm your order and should genuine and successful (not canceled or returned).

We try our best to get your Couponkudos cashback from the retailer and cashback is always guaranteed. But if the retailer from where you purchased your item does not pay us any commission for your transaction, then we cannot pay you any cashback.

When we have successfully tracked your transaction, Pending status simply apply. When the status changes from Pending to Confirmed, it means that you can withdraw your Confirmed Cashback using various withdrawal options. When the cashback status gets declined it means that the cashback has been rejected by the retailer.

Cashback maybe Declined due to any of the following reasons:

  • The order gets canceled when the purchase was partially or fully returned.
  • The purchase was not completed wholly online.
  • When you don't clear your cookies before making your purchase and another referrer has been credited the cashback commission.
  • You have not observe with the terms and conditions of the purchase retailer.

Retailers don't provide us any particular reason for the above reason.

Refer & Earn

After logging into your Couponkudos account, you can click on Refer and Earn tab where you will be able to see your referral link.

Send your referral link to your friends by email or share the link on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ profile.

Yes! Couponkudos gives bonus whenever you refer your friend's, so spread the word. For each friend, you refer you get Rs.5. After the user referred by you earns minimum cashback, Rs. 5 will automatically be credited to your Couponkudos wallet. The referrer must have at least minimum amount in his Couponkudos account to earn the referral amount.

Tell your friends about us and we'll credit your account with a Rs 5.00 bonus once your friend has earned minimum withdrawal amount.You can refer as many friends because there is no limit on referrig that is the amount you earn is endless!!!