Term & Conditions


1. Introduction:


Welcome to www.couponkudos.com (Also referred to as we", "us", "Company" or "CouponKudos").


Please read the following terms and conditions cautiously as they have the legal effect that you agree with, every time you use the services provided by CouponKudos.


2. Coupons & Services:


As a CouponKudos member, you can avail of the coupon services listed on the CouponKudos website.


The coupon may or may not get qualified for your use. Retailers have their independent parameters to decide the validity of a transaction. Irrespective of any circumstances, we are not liable for any circumstances regarding the same subject. 


Any transaction that fails the validity test is rejected by the retailer. We can't be held responsible for any of it.


We hold the absolute right to stop our operations on coupons and our decision will be final and binding. 


3. Privacy & Cookie Policy:


Our privacy and cookie policies are an extended piece of this Agreement. We have discretionary power on how to use the data received. Please take note that posting on CouponKudos may be allowed to members around the globe.


4. Law:


As per the law, all our users are equal in our eyes and we share similar relationships with all.


5. Liability:


CouponKudos ensures that our services are provided in a knowledgeable manner, with the utmost care and in the best possible way to meet the needs of coupon service users.


CouponKudos will only be liable as expressly noted in this document, but will not assume any other liability, or obligation whether contractual, tort or otherwise.


CouponKudos is not answerable to you or other individuals for information regarding transactions, non-transaction with vendors, or activities or communications related to such materials or transactions.



6. Additional services:


All coupon services will not be absolute to every user of CouponKudos, but they will be subject to certain conditions, completion of which may open the doors for respective users. 


The users will receive notifications through newsletters about the new services and updates in the appropriate manner.


7. Communications:


You hereby admit to permitting us to make communication via emails, etc.


8. Contact:


You can contact us from our contact page